Seong-bok Hong, Panelist, "Growing Up with Harry Potter"

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Seong-bok Hong is from South Korea, but is currently working in Wellington, New Zealand. He earned a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature from Sejong University. Additionally, he studied abroad at Ferrum College for one semester, where he took Dr. Lana Whited's "Harry Potter and the Hero Myth" course.

 Since he encountered Harry Potter for the first time through the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, he grew up with Harry in his childhood. The effect of the series on him was obvious: he tapped random bricks with a rod or a stick hoping that he would find a secret entrance for the wizarding world as Harry and Hagrid did; he stared at snakes for a long time trying to communicate with them in Parseltongue, and he carried a slender branch which looked like a wand in the classroom.

From the first discovery of Harry Potter to the last volume of the series, he was spellbound. But not until he took Dr. Whited's class did he get to know why he had been attracted to the story of Harry's journey.