Lana Whited, Minister of Magical Education, Ferrum College

Continuing in her role as Minister of Magical Education, Dr. Lana Whited of Ferrum College has a first-rate lineup of Harry Potter experts sprucing up their broomsticks to travel to the Star City in October!

Lectures, panels, and demonstrations will be offered for both apprentice and experienced wizards. Dr. Whited edited the first published collection of scholarly essays on the Harry Potter series, The Ivory Tower and Harry Potter (2002). She is also co-editor, with Dr. M. Katherine Grimes, of Critical Insights: The Harry Potter Series (2014) and editor of a Critical Insights volume on The Hunger Games trilogy. She is headmistress of Hogwarts Academy, a middle school class in Ferrum’s Summer Enrichment Program, and teaches a college course on the hero myth. She has served as keynote speaker for the Edinboro (Pa.) and Staunton festivals.

In addition to teaching English, Dr. Whited directs the Boone Honors Program at Ferrum. She took her O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s from Emory & Henry College, The College of William & Mary, Hollins University, and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

You can visit Dr. Whited’s professional site at

Events organized through the Ministry for Magical Education will take place at Greene Memorial United Methodist Church on festival day.