Johnny Barnett,

Classes with Johnny Barnett

Harry Potter and the 7 Chakras at 10 and 12.

Johnny Barnett, a practicing astrologer for over 26 years, will present “Harry Potter and the 7 Chakras” on festival day. His talk is an entertaining and mind-opening look at the “magic” behind the Harry Potter series, exploring how the seven books thematically correspond to the seven Chakras, creating a masterpiece of literature and esoteric story-telling! Barnett will discuss how various characters illustrate portrayals of various astrological sign.

Barnett has a unique astrological perspective based upon the relationship between the seven planets of classical astrology and the seven Chakras–thus Chakraology – an embracing of the Hermetic wisdom “as without , so within.” He draws upon his complementary studies in symbolism, mythology, Jungian psychology, physics and the works of contemporary and recent thinkers such as Eckhart Tolle and Joseph Campbell, as well as his experiences as a father, husband, entrepreneur, community activist and musician to inform his work. Johnny currently travels the United States teaching Chakraology classes and doing private astrological readings. During the afternoon, he will be doing astrological readings in the vendor area of the festival.