Allen Snell, author of the Spellsaga novels

Allen Snell will conduct workshops for both beginning and experienced fantasy writers on festival day. His workshop for beginners, including young writers, is “Summoning the Story: A Brainstorming Workshop for Young or New Writers” For experienced writers, he will offer "How Do I Magic? Techniques for Writing Functional Fantasy." He will also participate in a panel of fantasy and sci-fi writers.

Snell’s first two novels, Spellswords and Spellshift, have opened his eyes to the joy of storytelling, and he looks forward to becoming that grizzled old fantasy author who remembers when wizards had to levitate 15 miles to school, fighting uphill dragons both ways.

Snell lives in Roanoke with his "gorgeous and patient" wife, Molly. He works for Star City Games and writes in his spare time as often as he can motivate himself. When he can't, you'll find him playing terrible RPGs, trash-talking friends over a board game, or fumbling around on guitar. A native Texan, he graduated from Johnson University in 2009 with a degree in Youth Ministry.

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