What's with the new name?

The holders of the Harry Potter copyright have sent us a Cease and Desist letter with regard to our original name, exercising their right and duty to protect their art and characters. We have decided to shift our festival to celebrate all literary magic, and decided a slightly tongue-in-cheek name would be a fun nod at at absurdity of our situation.

Does that mean this isn't aN HP Festival?

That means we are celebrating and loving all magic and all its forms in our culture and media. We are NOT affiliated with any copyrighted works whatsoever. We are not a theme park. We are not a movie studio. We are not a book publisher.

okay...When is the festival? and Where?

October 6, 2018, at 11 AM through 5 PM in Downtown Roanoke. We will be supporting a magical street festival surrounding the Market Building and Franklin Street, just outside of Elmwood Park. We will also be holding classes, lectures, demonstrations and more in various locations in Downton Roanoke. These locations include, but are not limited to, The Taubman Museum of Art, Charter Hall, The Main Roanoke Library, Greene Memorial United Methodist Church, The Patrick Henry Lobby and more!

So, what's the wristband good for?

We are happy to provide a FREE magical street festival this year! Wristbands will allow the wearer entry into our indoor events such as our visiting professor lectures, classes and discussions, exhibits, crafts, rides and more indoor activities provided by the Festival Folks. You can see our full schedule here and see which activities need a wristband and which don't.

I ordered a wristband, how do I pick them up?

We will be at the Roanoke Main City Library the week before the festival! We'll also be available at City Market Building at our Wiseacre Wizarding Wares Gift Shop. Details for pick up will be posted on our social media as we get closer!

I want feast tickets! when will they be on sale!?


Um. Guys. You have a card game for sale?

Yes. We do. We LOVE games and wanted to share it with you! It's available for pre-order right now. It's a fun and unique souvenir for your day of magic! Plus it is designed to be played 3 different ways for witches and wizards of all ages!

Parking Downtown stinks. 

Au Contraire! Roanoke has a bunch of free garages and lots on the weekends. Check out the full details here.

I wanna be a vendor!

We are currently FULL!  Thank you so much for everyone who messaged, emailed, smoke-signaled and sent owls about vendor opportunities. We have kept everyone's contact information and will send you details about Generic Magic Festival 2019!

I wanna be a sponsor!

You would have our undying love and devotion. Please email owlery@diagonvalley.org if you are interested in sponsoring this festival.

How do I know where everything is?

You can check out our online map- or buy a $5 souvenir program at the festival’s gift shop, Wiseacre Wizarding Wares. ALL WRISTBAND PURCHASES INCLUDE THIS PROGRAM.

I have an idea you NEED to do!

Awesome! We love hearing the idea from our audience. Fill out the form below and we will consider it!

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