Fans, Friends, and Curious Gossip-mongers;


The creative and logistical forces behind the Roanoke Harry Potter Festival aka Diagon Valley aka Generic Magic Festival are huge fans of JK Rowling and her creative works, especially Harry Potter. Our only goals in this festival endeavor are to celebrate our love of literary magic and share the magic already hidden within downtown Roanoke. Due to extremely complicated, intricate, and out-dated copyright laws, we are not legally allowed to use certain protected terms, despite our lack of financial gain and utmost respect for the copyright owners. We will be complying with these laws and transforming our festival to celebrate all generic magic sources. We hope our fans and festival goers understand, and come out to see what magical surprises we have already come up with to delight the masses. 

We look forward to the festival in October, and hearing what rumors start to spread around about these changes. 


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